Top 3 Fast Food Restaurants in Belgium

Halal Fried chicken and family

Top 3 Fast Food Restaurants in Belgium

Belgium is the home of many fast food restaurants that serve a large variety of food special to different countries worldwide. That’s why everyone can find something to eat in Brussels, the capital city.

Belgium is known for its chocolate, waffle, and beer; Belgium is a multicultural center where everyone can find the ideal food for their taste buds. There is food for everyone in this country: kebabs, falafel, yogurt, pizzas, wraps, and hamburgers.

Among the many restaurants, we have selected the top 3 fast-food restaurants in Belgium, where you can find the taste you are looking for.

Belchicken Fried Chicken

If you are in the mood for chicken these days, there is a perfect place for you in Belgium to eat the most delicious chicken wings, nuggets, and bites. Belchicken is a rising star to offer you the tasty and healthy food you long for. Forget about all others where you can barely find a corner to sit. This place is more than a fast food restaurant. The hand-made interior design and comfy seating will make you feel at home.

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From the appetizers to the main course, Belchicken is a place where everyone can find something to eat. Chicken wings with great sauces, hamburgers, chicken buckets, falafel wraps, and a large selection of entries such as onion rings, salads, and dip sauces; Belchicken offers numerous options for every foodie. Its spacious ambiance is an excellent place for families and friends. Here is perfect for your kids, too; they will love the special kids’ menu with yummy burgers, crispy nuggets, and bites.

Belchicken menu:

Dea’s Pizza

Dea’s Pizza is an ideal choice for a late-night dinner in Brussels. This pizzeria has been offering takeaway pizzas since 1993. What makes Dea’s Pizza special is the fresh dough made every day, the rich selection of pizzas, and its famous Italian-style classic pizzas.
Dea’s Pizza takes pride in offering various types of pizzas every day. In addition to classic ones, they regularly renew their menus for more specialized offers.


The visitors also like fresh ingredients, and the wood oven is used for cooking. Friendly staff and fair prices are two other reasons why you should prefer Dea’s Pizza when you are in the mood for pizza.

Dea’s pizza is served in two different locations in Brussels. Only remember you may not find seating here; order by phone, pick it up or have it delivered.


Though fast-food restaurants dominate Belgium, the country has a rich traditional cuisine. Ballekes takes pride in sharing the authenticity of traditional Belgian cuisine. They offer food inspired by the recipes from their ancestors. As the name suggests (ballekes means meatballs in Belgian), it serves daily prepared hand-rolled meatballs. The meat they use for meatballs comes from local farms.


In addition to meatballs, you can prefer Ballekes for its local fresh fries, burgers, beers, and salads. They have a large selection of cold and hot drinks, too. Besides, they offer vegan and gluten-free food as well.

Best Places to Eat in Belgium

To wrap up, we wanted to make it easy for you by selecting three locations where you can find the best food in Belgium:

  • Visit Dea’s pizza if you look for great pizzas cooked in the Italian way. This place is ideal when you want home delivery.
  • You can prefer Ballekes to taste traditional Belgium meatballs cooked in local ways. Or eat one of your favorite burgers accompanied by the best beers in the country.
  • Belchicken is far beyond a fast food restaurant that offers delicacies for everyone. They are best known for tasty and healthy fast food options. Prefer Belchicken if you want to eat the best fried chicken and chicken wings in the country. Visit one of the continuously expanding Belchicken restaurants located in many cities throughout Belgium. Phone to order or take it home.