Yes, all of our products are produced with 100% halal ingredients. Enjoy!
Yes, you can download our Belchicken app and order from the available restaurants.
Yes, we have burger, salads and aperitif options for veggie lovers.
Simply download the Belchicken app and look out for your notifications.

You can use your coupons in two ways:

1. When you are ordering on the cashier, you need to press on the QR button on the bottom menu in your APP and scan it before finalising your order.

2. You can use your Belchicken App to order your food online. After you add your items to the basket, simply press on “”Use a Coupon”” and apply one of your coupons.”

Yes, depending on the location, we try to operate in all the delivery channels.

BTW Number: BE0724.808.645
Contact: us@belchicken.com
Franchise: franchise@belchicken.com