They made a wish, we made it real! Wuppertal / Germany

Belchicken Wuppertal/Germany Social Activity

Since the day we were founded, we have committed to being good neighbors and contributing to our community and people in every location we operate.

We know very well the value of touching people’s lives and aim to serve the public benefits. That’s why we do not define ourselves just as a restaurant serving as a hub bringing people together; we are also an organization ready to give back to our community in times of need and crisis.

It is always our priority to support and take part in social responsibilities because we believe that being part of the community necessitates supporting local people every single day.

This principle was the main motive that brought us to the Wuppertal Nursing Home.

Belchicken Wuppertal / Germany Nursing Home Visit

We just wanted to fulfill the wishes of Wuppertal Nursing Home residents and make those people smile.

We would like to thank the nursing home staff who made it possible for us to carry out this activity.

Belchicken Wuppertal

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