Have You Tried Belchicken Chicken Buckets Menu?

Belchicken family and friends fried buckets

We suggest one of our delicious chicken buckets next time you crave fried chicken. Full of crispy and crunchy wings, thighs, legs, and strips, Belchicken buckets are the most filling way of enjoying your favorite dish in Belgium.

You will ask for more wings, nuggets, or strips once you find a chance in one of our restaurants. To fully satisfy your desire for the most delicious fried chicken throughout Belgium, we prepared the most special chicken buckets full of crispy and crunchy fried chicken of all sorts.

Why are Belchicken Chicken Buckets So Special?

Since the day we opened, we have felt the same pride to coat all our fried chicken parts equally with the most delicious and healthy local sauces and breading.

Friends talking in front of Belchicken restaurant

When this combined with a hundred percent healthy chicken wings, breasts, legs, and strips, Belchicken became the best chicken restaurant preferred by families and friends.

It was not surprising for us when our guests asked for more each time they tasted any of our menus. Therefore, we decided to serve our fried chicken in kilos!

We created two roomy chicken buckets with large portions accompanied by a large selection of sides and drinks.

Family Chicken Buckets

We serve Belchicken family chicken buckets for families with kids who would like to dine out in a friendly restaurant. It comes in a large bucket full of wings, nuggets, legs, and strips sided with packages of crispy fries. We add sauces of your choice and a large selection of drinks for each member.

Family Eating Chicken Buckets

Belchicken family chicken buckets are great for busy nights. These packages are great on the go when you have no time for cooking dinner at home. You may order or stop by anytime for a perfectly prepared delicious chicken bucket ready to go.

Friends Chicken Buckets

Belchicken friends chicken buckets brings joy to your time together. We offer the most delicious chicken menus in our comfortable restaurants that make you feel at home.

Firends tating fried chicken buckets

We suggest a chicken bucket to friends when you guys feel really hungry. Take your seat in one of our restaurants for a true feast that will go very well with your chats as friends.

Couples having great time in Belchicken

Feel the relaxed and cozy atmosphere at Belchicken next time you want to meet as buddies.

How are Belchicken Chicken Buckets Serving?

It is any foodie’s dream to be served the best way. At Belchicken, we do everything to bring together tasty and healthy food in one place. It is also one of our priorities to make all the guests feel the comfort of being home.

crispy chicken

We serve our chicken buckets in the healthiest packages with large portions and selected sides together with drinks per person. We would be honored if our guests would ask for any more additional unique sauces particular to Belchicken.

Whether you eat in-house or take it home, we try our best to satisfy all the taste buds with a large selection of delicious fried chicken menus prepared with great care.

How Many Pieces of Chicken are in a Bucket of Chicken?

Our restaurants serve chicken buckets with a selection of portions accompanied by fries and drinks based on the type of bucket. Belchicken friend and family chicken buckets typically may come as large to include respectively 20 and 44 pieces.

Nearest Belchicken Restaurants to Eat Chicken Buckets?

Our story began in Ghent, where we opened our first restaurant. We have expanded to include as many as 35 Belchicken restaurants in three different countries in Europe in a very short time.

Belchicken cozy restaurants

We, especially, have most restaurants in various cities in Belgium. Whether in Brussels or other cities like Leuven, Wavre, or Brugge, you can find a Belchicken restaurant nearby.

All our restaurants have the same highest standard of service no matter when and where you visit. To find the nearest and the finest fried chicken buckets, check out our location service at https://belchicken.com/restaurants/