Chicken Salad: Hearty and Healthy Way of Eating

Chicken Salad Healty Women

Are you taking care of your diet but still can’t stop eating chicken? You don’t have to worry about keeping fit while filling your stomach with chicken salad menus at Belchicken.

The chicken salad consists of finely chopped chickens with various cooking methods, mustard, soja, and fresh vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes, cress, and celery.

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We offer you a delicious and healthful way of eating with three different recipes:

There is also a menu for vegans and Mediterranean salad.

Is Chicken Salad Healthy?

Definitely — chicken salad is full of lean proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is low in sugar, carbs, and fiber while high in protein. Therefore, this low-calorie salad is good for your health.

It is recommended for those who want to eat a filling and healthy meal thanks to the protein-packed chicken and vitamin-rich salad it contains.

How Many Calories Chicken Salad?

Depending on the ingredients and serving size, a portion of chicken salad is 400 calories on average. It also varies according to the cooking method of the chicken.

When the chicken is grilled, the calorie amount is 150 cal lower than when it is fried, for example. Chicken kebab is in between these two.

Salad with chicken can be a good choice as a nutritious and tasty meal for adults who consumes about 2000 calories per day. Chicken salad, which is a source of lean protein, is a delicious and substantial meal.

Is Chicken Salad Good for Weight Loss?

Chicken salad can assist with weight loss, but there are some factors to consider. Firstly, you should control your portions. Eating too much, even hearty and healthy foods, is a barrier to losing weight.


Salad of chicken and fit women

Chicken is one of the lower-fat foods, and its proteins promote satiety. Salad, the other ingredient, contains low-calorie vegetables, and it may help in regulating your appetite.

Although chicken and salad are healthy nutrients, you can gain weight due to the way the chicken is prepared, or the salad is made with high-calorie sauces.

Moreover, you can’t shed weight with only one food in your diet. Salad with chicken supports your diet in this way, but it isn’t enough on its own. You should adjust your whole diet according to healthy nutrition.

Where to Eat Chicken Salad?

Three optional fresh chicken salad menus are available at Belchicken restaurants. These are fried chicken salad, grill chicken salad, and kebab salad. We are waiting for you to eat the finest salads made of fresh vegetables and cooked chickens.

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You can get these dishes in varied locations such as Brussels, Brugge, Ghent, or even four different cities in Germany. To find the closest Belchicken restaurant check out;