Best Kid-Friendly and Family Restaurant in Brussels

family restaurants for kids

Let your kids have fun in the play area while you have a delicious meal with your family and friends. Belchicken family restaurants are one of the best places both for family and kids.

We are one of the best child-friendly family restaurants in Brussels. Our restaurants make you feel as comfortable as at home, not only with crispy and crunchy chickens but also with decoration and ambiance.

Family Eating Chicken Buckets

Due to cozy and large tables, playgrounds, high chairs for kids, and menus for different tastes, as a family restaurant, we provide the best environment for you to have a great time as a family.

Healthy Chicken Menus with Special Sauces

Belchicken offers various menus for you with different options, including chicken wings, nuggets, bites, burgers, tenders, chicken buckets for children and parents.

Moreover, for vegans, falafel wraps and salads come forward. In addition, you can order extras such as fries, mozzarella sticks, chili cheese, and onion rings.


These menus are prepared with special sauces, some of them generally used in family restaurants in Belgium. All healthy chickens come from our farm and go through hygiene and health procedures.

To learn more about our hygiene, safety, and health procedures visit

Kid’s Menus with Surprise Gifts 

One of the essential features of family restaurants is cooking and serving special foods for children. Our kid’s  menu has special meals and surprise gifts to make them happy.

We serve the crispiest and tastiest options for kids in all our family restaurants. BelKidsBox is a playful menu specially prepared for children.

kids menu

The box includes delicious burgers, crispy nuggets, and bites. Chicken is accompanied by a drink, fries, and some fun. Let’s open the box and find out what surprises are inside!

Children’s Playground in Belchicken Family Restaurants

We all know very well that kids can get bored very easily  at restaurants especially the time when we want to have a meal.  In our family restaurant, the solution is simple, we let them have fun in their special design playgrounds. Thus parents can continue to eat or chat freely.

Belchicken Child Playground

Children’s playground has a significant role for parents to have free time in family restaurants. In our places, parents can enjoy the hot wings, keep an eye on their kids as they play inside, and have fun, jumping, climbing, and playing with balls.

Belchicken family restaurants serve in the comfort of home. We welcome families and kids and provide our spatial resources and flavors child-friendly. Bring your family to Belchicken and don’t miss the secret gift behind great tastes!