Belchicken Roeselare Soon Opening

Roeselare Belchicken Restaurant

On the first of May, our 39th restaurant is opening in the town of Roeselare, bringing the flavors of Belchicken to Roeselare residents. We are extremely happy, proud, and excited that we will be part of the Roeselare community.

belchicken restaurants 1

To provide the best comfort and easy food delivery, Belchicken Roeselare is designed with plans for full-size restaurants and a playground for kids.

Belchicken Child Playground

As one of the biggest fast-food chains in Belgium, we have a unique taste and style in the industry because of our special sauces, crispy fried chickens, and comfortable interior design.

chicken buckets

That’s the reason we believe that our new establishment will benefit the residents of the Roeselare community profoundly.

Belchicken New Restaurant and New Businesses

Belchicken Roeselare Fried Chicken Restaurant will offer many opportunities for the local community with the opportunity to grow their businesses and create new jobs within the restaurants and in the local supply chain.

As a fast-food giant, we are planning to open new restaurants with more branches this year to follow.