Belchicken Cora La Louviere Became a Part of the Memories

Belchicken Cora La Louviere

One of our restaurants, Belchicken Cora La Louviere, has been operating since its opening in August 2020.

Belchicken Cora La Louviere Chicken restaurant

From the first day, Belchicken Cora La Louviere became an important gathering place for local people, where relationships form and good memories are made.

La louviere Fried chicken Restaurant

To make an easy path to those memories and provide our guests the best comfort and satisfaction, our fried chicken restaurant was designed with full-size restaurants, and many delivery services.

Economical Support for Local Businesses

We know very well that restaurants are strongholds of local communities in a modern economic environment, and they are important establishments that support local agriculture and boost regional job growth.

Belchicken Cora La Louviere local support

From that perspective, we have to appreciate the La Louviere residents’ attitude in choosing us as a local initiative to generate more economic benefits for their community.

We Believe That Restaurants Are the Shared Kitchens and Dining Rooms of Communities

In every single restaurant we opened, our guests’ safety and staff were always the top priority for us.

Belchicken Cora La Louviere covid measures

That’s why Belchicken Cora La Louviere fried chicken restaurant donated with many Covid measures in place, including extended hygiene procedures, designated kitchen zones, masks, and gloves, and people were also encouraged to use the contactless payment method.