Belchicken Abdijstraat / Antwerpen Opened


Belchicken Abdijstraat is our first restaurant opened in Antwerp, one of Belgium’s most populous and beautiful cities.

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With Belchicken Abdijstraat fried chicken restaurant, in addition to our menus, we also liked to introduce our unique interior design from kid’s playground to family tables and from decorative items to comfortable armchairs.

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Belchiken antwerpen Opened

Belchicken Abdijstraat / Antwerpen Has Contributed a Lot to the Local Community

Since the day we operated, Belchicken Antwerpen has offered many opportunities for local people to grow their businesses and hundreds of new jobs have been created within the restaurants and in the local supply chain.

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Because all of our ingredients were well balanced, Belchicken Antwerpen became known for its fresh, juicy, and crispy taste in a short time.

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Safety of Guests and Staff is Our Top Priority

Belchicken Abdijstraat is one of our first restaurants to have many Covid measures in place, including extended hygiene procedures, designated kitchen zones, masks, and acrylic screens, gloves, and customers are also encouraged to use the contactless payment method.

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We committed to providing the best comfort and satisfaction to our guests, that’s why from the first day they were able to enjoy the easy food delivery through the drive-thru, and other delivery services.

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All Belchicken restaurants have the same highest standard of service no matter when and where you visit.

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